Fylde Micro's NEW Multi-Lingo System - the gold standard in radio trunking.

The design team at our development centre in Blackpool, England have worked tirelessly to complete what is the most sophisticated and complex design ever to come from Fylde Micro.
Fylde’s goal with the Multi-Lingo controller is provide network operators and radio users the very best in radio trunking whilst minimising investment risk and maximising product choice.


Next Generation SYSCON-Suite™ Network Administration


To complement the new controller Fylde has created a revolutionary network administration interface that incorporates asset tracking, a SIP based dispatcher, all available via a web browser.


What Radio Trunking Technology
For Your Organisation?
Sepura announces today the acquisition of Fylde Micro Limited.
Migrating to Digital made
easy using Fylde Multi-Lingo.


Fylde’s Multi-Lingo Controller and the Hytera 985s Repeater have intelligent interconnect offering scalable DMR Tier III trunking systems.

Hytera have become the manufacturer to follow when it comes to subscriber unit design providing user-centred ergonomics, long battery life and essential features. All Hytera DMR products fully meet ETSI DMR European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) standards.

Fylde Micro is a leading provider of Fully Built System Solutions.
Hytera PD795Ex IIC Intrinsically Safe ATEX DMR Tier III Portable Radio.
Fylde Micro celebrates 30 years of radio trunking brilliance. .

Fylde Micro's Legendary 3rd Generation MPT1327 only equipment is here to stay.

For the foreseeable future Fylde will continue to manufacture and support its 3rd generation range of dedicated MPT1327 Analogue systems. This rugged, modular equipment is world renowned for its trouble free performance. Fylde prides itself on long term support of all its products so users can be confident of at least ten years support. And of course, 1st/2nd and 3rd generation Fylde trunking can interface to MultiLingo via the legacy gateway further increasing the useful lifetime of the system.

Fylde Micro and Hytera join forces for DMR Tier III
Fylde is now an official distributor of Eventide Logging Recorders.
ICOM’s NEW dPMR handhelds now include integrated GPS Receivers.